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08 April 2025 @ 03:48 pm


April 8th 2011

I didn't want to do it, but I had to do it yo.
This journal has been a public journal since 2005. I wanted this journal to be public forever, but the past few weeks I've been getting comments...advertising comments to be exact from anons and it has been annoying the SHIT out of me. They would post comments on the most random entries that were posted months ago. Due to this bullshit I decided so to make all my entries from 2005 to friends only so hopefully this motherfucking bullshit will end :) Fuck you anon comments and fuck you LJ for this bullshit.
If you want to become friends with me, feel free to PM me.
After seeing THIS LIST OF ACTORS WHO SHOULD PLAY DISNEY PRINCES on ONTD I was like pssh, what kind of list is that. I mean Matt Bomer was one that was a good choice and maybe some other guy that was on there but overall the list pretty much sucked. So I thought I should do one but with fashion models instead cause if you know me, I love my fashion models and I would totally love to see a Disney inspired fashion editorial.

I thought it was going to be easy casting models to be Disney Princes and Princess, but it's was actually quite hard. I mean some choices were easy to come by, but others were very hard and it took me a couple of days and quite a bit of some research to see who would be a good choice. Most of the models that I picked are of models that I'm familiar with very well or know of them. I'm sure there are tons of models out there that can be potential players but these were the people that I came up with cause I like them, or know who they are.

I also picked these models for the individual roles and not based on if they looked good together as a couple, meaning my Prince from Snow White might not be that compatible with my choice of Snow White. I also picked these players based on either their hair, looks, smile, or basically how they would look in the Disney outfits.

All photos and gifs of Disney princes and princesses from The Disney Princess Tumblr
Photos and gifs of models found on tumblr, pinterest, The Fashion Spot forums, and Tyson Ballou gif made by me.

Disney casting fashion modelsCollapse )

So there you have it my dream cast of Disney Princes and Princess if the fashion industry ever decided to do a Disney theme photoshoot.
Hope you enjoyed it!